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Canon DR-3080CII

Canon DR-3080CII Scanner

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The DR-3080CII scans at speeds up to 86 images per minute. It offers a wide choice of scanning modes-24-bit color, 256 levels of grayscale and black and white modes, even advanced text enhancement for the documents with text on a dark background. Equipped with dual sensors, the DR-3080CII provides fast efficient one-pass, two-sided scanning, for robust document management and flexible paper handling. Connectivity is easy, too. And with only minimal training, virtually anyone can learn to operate the scanner efficiently in a short amount of time.


Item No. Description Sale Price MSRP
9673A002AE Canon DR-3080CII Call for quote $3,295.00
w/ 16/32 bit ISIS Driver for Windows & 16/32 bit Twain Driver for Windows CapturePerfect v3.0 for Windows, Adobe Acrobat v8.0 Standard (SCSI Card & Cable NOT included. USB Cable included)
Item No. Description Sale Price MSRP
3649A001AC Endorser ED500 w/ Die Drum
3654A003AB Die Drum B110 w/dater
6331A001AA Ink Roller, Black
6334A001AA Ink Roller, Red
6333A001AA Ink Roller, Purple
6332A001AA Ink Roller, Green
6915A001AA Exchange Roller Kit for 500 K for DR3060/3080C/II
6915A002AA Exchange Roller Kit 1000K for DR30601/3080C/II
3649A008AA SCSI II Cable G (50pin/50pin)
3649A009AA SCSI II/III Cable H (50pin/68pin)
1129V241 Soft Carrying Case for DR3060/3080C/II
0134V882 Hard Carrying Case for DR3060/3080C/II