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Canon DR-X10C

Canon DR-X10C Scanner

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The DR-X10C color production scanner, designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of high-volume scanning tasks, is capable of speeds up to 128 pages per minute (ppm) and 256 images per minute (ipm). The DRX10C boasts high speed, high quality image scanning with reliable document handling capabilities, clear efficient, and easy image scanning and superior durability.

Item No. Description Sale Price MSRP
2417B002AA DR-X10C 120V Call for quote $17,995.00
2417B008AA DR-X10C 120V with Kofax CGA Board Call for quote $20,545.00
Item No. Description Sale Price MSRP
2418B001AA Exchange Roller Kit for DR-X10C
2418B003AA Pre-Imprinter for DR-X10C
2418B004AA Post-Imprinter for DR-X10C
2418B005AA Patch Code Decoder for DR-X10C
1922B001AA Barcode Module III <1>
2418B002AA Cleaning Sheet for DR-X10C
2418B006AB Kofax CGA Board for DR-X10C
<1> Barcode Module III is compatible with the DR-2580C/4010C/5010C/7580/9080C/DR-X10C and DR-3010C