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Canon ImageRUNNER 3530

Canon ImageRUNNER 3530 Copier

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Operating at up to 35 pages-per-minute (letter), the imageRUNNER 3530 device is equipped with a standard memory of 256 MB and an optional 20GB Hard Disk Drive to provide users with exceptional productivity and reliability.


Item No. Description Sale Price MSRP
0306B001AD imageRUNNER 3530 Call for quote $7,200.00
Ships standard with 2 x 550-sheet paper cassettes, 256MB RAM, image reader, drum unit, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and USB 2.0 high speed connectivity. You must install either one of the DADF-N1 or Platen Cover with the main unit.
Hardware Accessories
Item No. Description        Sale Price      MSRP
* 9560A002AA Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder-N1 <1>
8684A001AB Platen Cover Type-H <1>
* 8695A005AA Cassette Feeding Unit-Y3 <2>
9669A003AA Cabinet-P1 <2>
9562A001AA Inner 2 Way Tray-D1 <3>
* 9563A001AA Finisher-S1 <3>
9561A001AA 3 Way Unit-A1 <4>
9565A001AA Additional Finisher Tray-B1 (option for Finisher-S1)
* 9566A002AA Puncher Unit-R1 (option for Finisher-S1)
8733A001BB FL Cassette-Z1 (Replacement for Drawer 1)
8732A001AB FL Cassette-Y1 (Replacement for Drawers 2,3, and 4)
8697A002AA Envelope Attachment Feeder-C2 <5>
8815A001AB Copy Tray-J1 <6>
8065A001AD Document Tray-J1
6575A001AB Card Reader-C1 <7>
9005A001AB Card Reader Kit-B1
0500A002AC Basic Card Set
0499A004AB Copy Card Set 1 (1-30)
0499A005AA Copy Card Set 2 (31-100)
0499A006AA Copy Card Set 3 (101-200)
7096A012AA imageRUNNER Copy Control Interface Cable
8201A001AB Accessibility Handle-A1
7518A003AA Braille Label Kit-E1
1348V957 Convenience Stapler-A1
<1> You must install either one of the DADF-N1 or Platen Cover with the main unit.
<2> The Cabinet-P1 and the Cassette Feeding Unit-Y3 cannot both be installed at the same time.
<3> Requires the 3 Way Unit-A1. The Inner 2-Way Tray-D1 and Finisher-S1 may not be installed simultaneously.
<4> Required when installing the Inner 2-Way Tray-D1 or Finisher-S1.
<5> Installs in the top most cassette.
<6> Option for the Inner 2-Way Tray-D1 and Finisher-S1.
<7> Requires the Card Reader Kit-B1 for installation.
System Connectivity Accessories
Item No. Description        Sale Price     MSRP
* 9906A010AA UFR II Printer Kit-E3<1>
* 9592A005AA UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2<1>
9941A001AA Barcode Printing Kit-A1 <2>
* 9568A015AB Super G3 Fax Board-Q1 <3>
9942A003AA imageRUNNER Security Kit-A2 <4> <5>
3075B001AA Removable Hard Disk Drive Kit-A1 <6>
9596A001AA Expansion Bus Board-B1
9597A002AA USB Application Interface Board-D1 <4>
<1> Includes 20 GB HDD. The UFR II Printer Kit-E3 and the UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2 cannot be installed simultaneously.
<2> Requires the System Software v21.02 or later and the UFR II/PCL Printer Kit E-2.
<3> Requires either the UFR II Printer Kit-E3 or the UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2.
<4> Requires the Expansion Bus Board-B1 for installation.
<5> Requires the USB Application Interface Board–D1 for installation.
<6> Requires 20GB HDD that ships with UFR II Printer Kit-E3 or UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2