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Canon ImageRUNNER 6000

Canon ImageRUNNER 6000 Copier

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Main Unit    
Type:Digital, Multifunction Imaging System
Imaging System:Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer
Developing System:Dry Monocomponent Toner
Image Server Memory:Standard 128MB RAM + 5.1GB
(Max. Capacity: Approximately
4,000 Originals)
First-copy Time:3.8 Seconds from Platen Glass
5.1 Seconds from ADF
Warm-up Time:6 Minutes or Less
ACCEPTABLE ORIGINALS:Sheets, Books, 3-Dimensional
Items (Up to 4.4 lb.)
MAX. ORIGINAL SIZE:11" x 17" (Ledger)
MAX. COPY SIZE:11" x 17" (Ledger)
MIN. COPY SIZE:4-1/8" x 5-7/8"
Max. Mail Boxes Supported:100
Max. Copy Reservation:5 Jobs
PRINTING RESOLUTION:600 dpi x 600 dpi
2400 dpi x 600 dpi Interpolated
Halftone:256 Gradations of Gray
Copy/Print Speed:60 cpm (Letter)
42 cpm (Letter-R)
36 cpm (Legal)
30 cpm (Ledger)
Duplexing:Standard Automatic Trayless
Magnification Reduction/
Enlargement:25% to 400% in 1% increments
     STANDARD:Dual Front-loading Trays
(1,500 Sheets Each)
Dual Front-loading Cassettes
(550 Sheets Each)
50-sheet Stack Bypass
     OPTIONAL:3,500-sheet Paper Deck
(Total: 7,650 Sheets)
PAPER WEIGHTS:17 to 24 lb. Bond
(550-sheet Cassettes)
17 to 110 lb. Index
(Manual Bypass, 1,500-sheet
Drawers and 3,500-sheet optional
Paper Deck-G1)
Dimensions (H x W x D):44-3/4" x 25-3/8" x 29-1/4"
(1,136mm x 643mm x 743mm)
Weight:462 lb. (210kg)
DRUM:Amorphous Silicon – Estimated
Yield: 3,000,000 Impressions
MAXIMUM DUTY CYCLE:230,000 Impressions per month
TONER:Estimated Yield: 33,000 Images
(at 6% Coverage)
Automatic Document Feeder (Standard)Puncher Unit-B1 ** (Optional)
Acceptable Origionals:Statement to LedgerMax Paper Weight:Up to 110 lb. Index
Capacity:100 Sheets (Letter/20 lb.)Punch Types:2-hole/3-hole (Auto change)
Max Paper Weight:Up to 32 lb. Bond (Letter)3-hole (Letter/Ledger)
2-hole (Legal/Letter-R)
Finisher-F1 (Optional)Punch Dust Stock:Approximately 3,000 Sheets
Number of Trays:2 TraysPower Source:Directly from Main Unit
Tray CapacityDimensions (H X W X D):34-7/8" x 3" x 24-1/4"
     Top Tray:1,000 Sheets (Letter)(886mm x 75.5mm x 614mm)
500 Sheets (Ledger)Weight:11.9 lb. (5.4kg)
Offset Stacking: Max. 30 Sets
(All Sizes)Paper Deck-G1
     Lower Tray:1,000 Sheets (Letter)Paper Capacity:3,500 Sheets
500 Sheets (Ledger)Paper Size:Letter
Offset Stacking: Max. 30 SetsPaper Weight:17 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Index
(All Sizes)Power Source:Directly from Main Unit
Staple Position:1-Top CornerDimensions (H X W X D):20-1/2" x 12-3/4" x 33"
2-Side Margin(519mm x 323mm x 583mm)
Max Stapling Capacity50 Sheets (Letter/Statement)Weight:90.3 lb. (41kg)
30 Sheets (Letter-R/Legal/Ledger)
Power Source:Directly from Main UnitNetwork Multi-PDL Printer Kit-A2 (Optional)
Dimensions (H X W X D):41-3/8" x 26-3/8" x 24-1/4"Processor:Custom Processor with
(1,052mm x 669mm x 614mm)Accelerator—Shared
Weight:70.5 lb. (32kg)RAM:192MB(Std./Max.)—Shared
Hard Disk:5.1GB—Shared
Saddle Finisher-F2 (Optional)PDL Support:PCL 5e, PCL 6, PostScript 3
Number of Trays:2 TraysEmulation
Tray CapacityInternal Fonts:136 PostScript Fonts
     Top Tray: 1,000 Sheets (Letter)117 Adobe Type Fonts
500 Sheets (Ledger)19 TrueType® Fonts
Offset Stacking: Max. 30 Sets80 PCL Roman Fonts
(w/staple) (All sizes)32 PCL Bar-code Fonts
     Lower Tray:1,000 Sheets (Letter)Interface Connections:RJ-45 (10/100Base-T)
500 Sheets (Ledger)IEEE 1284
Offset Stacking: Max. 30 Sets(Compatibility: Nibble, Byte and
(w/staple) (All sizes)ECP mode)
     Saddle-Stitch Tray:300 Sheets (Letter)Token Ring* (Optional Card)
Staple Position:1-Top CornerProtocol Stacks:IPX/SPX:™ 802.2, 802.3,
2-Side MarginEthernet II, 802.2 SNAP
Max Stapling Capacity:50 Sheets (Letter/Statement)TCP/IP: SENS for Tornado from
30 Sheets (Letter-R/Legal/Ledger)WindRiver
Saddle Stitch TrayAppleTalk:® 802.2 SNAP and
     Stapling Capacity:15 SheetsAppleTalk Phase II only
Folding:V-folding StandardNetwork OS:Novell® NetWare® v.3.2, 4.1,
Power Source:Directly from Main Unit4.11, 4.2, 5 (IPX/SPX)
Dimensions (H X W X D):41-3/8" x 26-3/8" x 24-1/4"Windows 95/98 (TCP/IP)
1,052mm x 669mm x 614mm)Windows NT® 4.0 (TCP/IP)
Weight:114 lb. (52kg)Windows 2000 (TCP/IP)
Solaris™ 1.x, 2.5 or later (TCP/IP)
Apple® System 7.5 or higher (DDP)